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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants help to purify the water and eliminate situations like what is currently seen in developing countries. Unclean water poses significant health risks, accounting for 1.7 million deaths annually, of which over 90 percent are in developing countries. Several water-related diseases, including cholera and schistosomiasis, remain widespread across many developing countries, where only a very small fraction of domestic and urban wastewater is treated prior to its release into the environment. Wastewater Treatment Industries are of great importance which can save ecosystems as well as decrease health risk for living beings.

Unique Challenges Faced By Industry:

Scarcity of Water is well known to all and cannot be emphasized more. But we can state that there is no scarcity of water, only if wastewater is managed and treated properly. The growing concern and environmental norms for Zero Liquid Discharge, Wastewater Pollution is becoming a challenge in the Industry. For all the industries the most concerning issue is treatment of wastewater with recalcitrant CODs which are difficult to break. Till today every water treatment industry is struggling to find the process to deal with wastewater treatment methodologies

Zero Liquid Discharge - ZLD

Convert your MEE to an efficient MVR

Industry uses multi-effect evaporators, which are our energy guzzlers. We supply new MVR based Evaporators called VAPOZEM, or we retrofit existing....

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Toxic and Refractory COD

Catalytic Hydro-Oxidation Technology

High COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) waters are difficult to treat. Biological systems fail due to this COD toxicity. The antibiotics, pesticides, insecticides and ....

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Anaerobic Wastewater Digestion

Aerobic and Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

Biological MBBR is a highly effective biological treatment process used in the industry based on a combination of conventional activated sludge and.....

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Product Recovery

Recovery/isolation of high-value molecules

Our range of Poresep membranes RO/NF/UF find extensive use in the pharmaceutical, API, biotech, food, beverage, and dairy industry process...

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Reduce your energy consumption

Aeration is the most energy-intensive process and contributes 60% of the cost in the wastewater treatment processes based on bio-treatment....

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Colour Removal

Highly absorbent Activated Carbon

The API, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries use Activated Carbon for colour, odour, and VOC removal. Acid-washed and steam ...

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Oil Removal from water

Aersol or Emulsion - Coalsceing

Be it Liquid: Liquid or Gas-Liquid binary phase mixture, Coalescence is a faster way to separate them. Our Microfiber media uses a...

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Produced Water Treatment (PWT)

Oil and contaminant removal from Produced water

During oil and gas production from wells, Produced water is co-produced. Produced water comprises injection water and water naturally occurring alongside....

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General Filtration in your plant

We ensure the quality of Utility Water, Steam, Air and Gas in your plant for trouble-free operations. Our filters help remove particles and...

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