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Reduce oil in wastewater

Reduce Oil in Wastewater

Oleophobic media for oil and turbity removal

DISORB Separators use highly Oleophobic media, which effectively helps oil coalesce in the interstitial spaces and traps the TSS. The systems work without getting choked. Heavier the oil, the higher the Oil and TSS removal.

During upset situations when Oil levels can significantly go up, it has no adverse effect on the media, except for a quick backwash step initiated. The principle of operation is almost like a Dual Media Filter. We can easily retrofit with minimum structural changes and convert your existing Nutshell Filter into a DISORB Oil Removal Separator.

  • No gas line is required.
  • No chemical dosing is required; it saves operation costs.
  • No ancillary equipment is required like tanks and sludge thickeners; it Saves energy and maintenance costs.
  • No scrubbing is required. Due to the inherent oleophobic nature of the media, During regular backwash, Oil and TSS are easily displaced

DISORB operates at temperatures as high as 85 Degrees C. Short-term excursions of 100 Degrees C are also acceptable. DISORB is an innovative and revolutionary technology in the Oil & Gas, Edible Oil, and Ports – Oil spills verticals.

DiSorb media has the UNIQUE capacity to handle:

1-300 ppm of Oil and TSS > 99% removal of both Oil and TSS.

300-700 ppm of Oil and TSS > 99% removal of both Oil and TSS.

700-3000 ppm of Oil and TSS > Can easily handle Intermittent loads with a relatively shorter filtration cycle.

  • The DiSorb media will efficiently recover water and oil from oily wastewater by removing the TSS.
  • Dramatically reduce OpEx and CapEx by replacing current Oil and TSS removal technologies with just ONE change – switch your existing media to DiSorb!
  • Capitalize on the savings by potentially eliminating at least 2-unit operations by simply replacing the existing oil removal filter media with DiSorb and significantly increasing operating efficiencies and savings.
  • Achieve the finest filtration by minimizing lifecycle costs without compromising outlet quality.
  • Highest Recovery of Oil in Water for recycling and reuse.
  • Highest Removal of Oil and TSS levels in the water.
  • Increased profits while meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Protecting the environment by turning oily wastewater into a resource.
  • No media scrubbing is required. The oleophobic nature of the media will quickly release all the trapped oil and TSS.
  • Meagre attrition rates of less than 1% per year, resulting in the long life of the media. DISORB, a relatively new technology, has been continuously treating produced water with consistent results for over two years at a customer site.
  • Unlike other media, DiSorb media is neutral to high concentrations of sulphur. Up to 16% of dissolved sulphur has been tested successfully.
  • DiSORB is neutral to surfactants, tested to a maximum of 10 ppm of surfactants.
  • DISORB is neutral to hydrocarbons, polymers, bitumen, asphaltenes, paraffin, and wax.
  • Pretreatment step using DiSorb to prolong the life of membrane-based systems.
  • Desalination – Protection from algae and potential oil spills in the sea.
  • Biotreatment system protection – MBR systems to be protected from damage caused by oil content. Pretreatment step for UltraFiltration to protect it from Oil and TSS.
  • Metal Industry
  • Wastewater treatment, Surface water treatment and reuse. Closed water circulation Systems
  • Automobile, Shipping, and Airplane production sites.
  • Mobile Wastewater Systems for onsite applications where oily water needs to be treated for reuse or discharge.
  • AquaCulture industry
  • Fish fats and waste very effectively removed with no clumping of media in RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems)
  • Bilge Water treatment