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Petroleum and Petrochemical

Petrochemical industry produces chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas. They are an essential part of the chemical industry as the demand for synthetic materials grows continually and plays a major part in today's economy and society. Petrochemicals are used to manufacture thousands of different products that people use daily, including plastics, medicines, cosmetics, furniture, appliances, electronics etc. Petrochemical industry plays a major role in the economy and growth. However, with rise in energy demand, petrochemical production has also increased, consequently generating complex waste during onshore and offshore exploration, refining, and production of oil.

Unique Challenges faced by the petroleum and petrochemical industry:

Petrochemicals give us numerous useful products but they can also be dangerous to the health of living beings and the earth’s ecosystem. Most of these chemicals when released can exhibit unfavorable effects on our environment such as air, water and soil pollution. The aromatic compounds present in petrochemicals are important environmental pollutants which may be introduced into the environment through natural oil seeps, industry waste products and emissions, oil storage wastes, tar processing wastes, petrochemical industrial effluents and emissions etc. Petrochemical industry is an important source for the principal greenhouse gasses responsible for global warming. Hence effluent treatment, flue gas treatment and filtration, process catalyst losses are some of the major challenges faced in petrochemical plants.

Hot Gas Filtration

Separating solids in hot corrosive environments

Gas reactions are carried out in the presence of precious metal catalysts. Processes generate particles and the gases which are vented carry solids with them. These solids have to be recovered. CONTUFILT-MH metallic filters avoid poisoning of catalysts or recovery of products from the off-gas.

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Wastewater Treatment

Catalytic Hydro-Oxidation Technology

High COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) waters are difficult to treat. Biological systems fail due to this COD toxicity...

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Liquid Gas Mixing

nANO-Bubbles improve process efficiency 600 times

NANOPOREX spargers infuse finely scattered gas nano-bubbles in the reaction mass. Nano-Bubbles improve mixing and expand the surface....

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Precious Metal Catalyst Recovery

Save huge catalyst losses using closed systems

Pharmaceuticals, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), and chemicals use heterogeneous...

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Produced Water Treatment (PWT)

Oil and contaminant removal from Produced water

During oil and gas production from wells, Produced water is co-produced. Produced water comprises injection water and water naturally occurring alongside....

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General Filtration in your plant

We ensure the quality of Utility Water, Steam, Air and Gas in your plant for trouble-free operations. Our filters help remove particles and...

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