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Biological MMBR /UASB

Biological MMBR /UASB

Aerobic and Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

Biological MBBR is a highly effective biological treatment process used in the industry based on a combination of conventional activated sludge and biofilm media. The MBBR process utilizes floating High-capacity Microorganism media within the aeration and anoxic tanks. The microorganisms consume organic material.



The media provides increased surface area for the biological microorganisms to attach and grow. The increased surface area reduces the footprint of the tanks required to treat the wastewater. The treatment process can be aerobic or anaerobic and operates at high volume loads.


UASB uses an anaerobic process whilst forming a blanket of granular sludge, which suspends in the tank. Wastewater flows upwards through the blanket and is processed (degraded) by the anaerobic microorganisms. The upward flow combined with the settling action of gravity suspends the blanket with the aid of flocculants.

Features and Advantages:
  • Better and more constant process water quality
  • Reduction of chemical usage
  • Reduced water hardness
  • Net energy production (biogas can cover up to 5 % of steam demand)
  • Compact treatment system.
  • High Recovery Of Biogas
  • Reduction Of Sludge
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Breweries / Distilleries/Wine
  • Paper and Pulp Industry
  • Dairy / Food / Juices • Animal Houses / Slaughter House
  • Vegetable Oil Refineries • Starch Industry
  • Petrochemical and Refinery
  • API / Organic Chemicals
Technical Specification:
  • COD range of 1,000-150,000 mg/l
  • Able to treat loads from 20 kg up to 5000 kg COD/day
  • Congestion-free influent system
  • Unique settling system
  • Congestion-free influent system
  • Designs available in – GRP, AISI 304/316 and RCC