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Efficient Evaporation

Convert your MEE to an efficient MVR

Industry uses multi-effect evaporators, which are our energy guzzlers. We supply new MVR based Evaporators called VAPOZEM, or we retrofit existing evaporators with MVR and make them energy efficient using electrical energy. Apart from ZLD, our VAPOZEM, a falling film and forced circulation evaporator can be custom-designed for heat-sensitive applications such as foods and proteins.

  • Plate Type or Tube Type Exchangers are included in the system and the MVR compressing station. These Evaporators are small and compact due to their large surface area per unit volume
  • The heat transfer coefficient due to the serrated pattern is high. The name “falling film evaporator” comes from how water travels downward like a film.
  • MVR compresses the spent vapour to a higher pressure, causing the spent vapours to obtain a temperature rise.
  • The enthalpies are now recovered by using high-temperature vapours in a closed loop. The condensate from the heat exchange is used to pre-heat the feed product using a plate type heat exchanger. As a result, the system is the most efficient energy use.
Features & Advantages:
  • Turbine Tip speeds of up to 320 m/s nearing sonic velocities.
  • Water injection keeps impellers clean and the steam saturated.
  • Low wear floating carbon ring labyrinth seals guarantee long term tightness.
  • Squeeze-oil-damping combines the simplicity of anti-friction bearings with the performance of hydrodynamic bearings.
  • Evaporation capacity range from 1000 – 20.000 kg/h.
  • Energy consumption is 12 – 40 kWh/t evaporated water.
  • For higher temperature rises, up to four MVR Blowers can be used in series.
Features and Advantages
  • Capex advantages of reduced footprint area as compared to conventional MEE.
  • No boiler & steam utility required.
  • No cooling towers & condensing station required.
  • No Boiler – No Pollution –environmentally friendly.
  • Fully automated without any manual intervention.
  • Less maintenance cost.
  • Low workforce requirement.
  • ZLD -Zero Liquid Discharge
  • RO Reject concentration
  • Liquid Manure
  • WastewatererStarch
  • Sugar, Yeast, Gelatine, Pectins
  • Fruit Juices
  • Electrolyte Baths