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Water Treatability Studies

Wastewater Treatability Studies

Choosing the optimum wastewater  treatment method

Managing wastewater is a challenge in Industry and a significant environmental issue. Treatability studies help identify the problems. Our company water experts investigate the problem by visiting the site and discussing the customer.

Wastewater Treatability Study:
  • Client and Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd sign a consulting contract at the onset.
  • Scope of work is defined.
  • Our representatives collect a sample of wastewater for testing from specific plant areas.
  • Diva Envitec does a quick overview in determining the qualitative and quantitative analytical methods to evaluate the way forward.
  • Diva Envitec suggests an outline of the methodology of treatment to the client

Timelines :

1st   week – Basic protocol

2nd  week – BOD, COD  wastewater characterization

4th Week – Biological, Chemical, and Physical treatment studies

Contaminants – Characterization Of Effluent

Wastewater characterization is the first step to proceeding with treatability studies.

We set the final goals in terms of results and effluent parameters desired, depending on the end goal of the treated water. The various parameters to be analyzed for the effluent at the laboratory are pH, Total Solids, BOD, COD, Chlorides, Sulphates, etc.

After characterization, primary treatment to the effluent for the removal of suspended & colloidal matters from the effluent is established – DAF, Clarifiers, physical treatments etc.

The secondary treatment method is decided after establishing the primary treatment of influent wastewater. The treatment could be anaerobic, aerobic, anoxic – oxidation, photocatalytic – depending on the type of prime contaminants. Sometimes we can also carry out on-site trials, and the costs are discussed mutually with the client.

The primary, secondary and tertiary treatments are run separately in our lab to determine optimum parameters and operating conditions for each stage of treatment at the plant level. Finally, Diva Envitec Engineers take a holistic approach to how wastewater will be treated in the plant and design bespoke solutions.

  • Wastewater Characterization
  • Primary Treatment Studies
  • Physical Treatment Studies
  • Chemical Treatment Studies
  • Biological Treatment Studies
  • Anaerobic Treatment
  • Facultative Treatment
  • Aerobic Treatment/Anoxic
  • Tertiary Treatment Studies
  • Technology identification – Photooxidation, MBBR, MBR, Anaerobic, Aerobic, Electro-oxidation etc
  • Lab Model Trial Study at our Innovation center
  • Flow Chart Of Proposed wastewater treatment scheme