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Pharmaceutical and API Industry

Health is of utmost importance to every individual in society. Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry has ensured effective drug manufacturing that helps in therapy, treatment and prevention of severe diseases. With the growing number of health disorders on the global level, the pharmacy sector has evolved in producing medicines & drugs that improve quality of living. This is why the pharmaceutical and API sector is of great importance in human society.

Unique Challenges faced by the Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industries face important challenges nowadays, mainly related to the production as well as downstream processes with very low environmental impact; in particular, these challenges are regulatory, environmental, and sometimes economic constraints. These limitations have an adverse effect on meeting the industry standards, regulatory compliances and consistent final product qualities.

Product Recovery

Recovery/isolation of high-value molecules

Our range of Poresep membranes RO/NF/UF find extensive use in the pharmaceutical, API, biotech, food, beverage, and dairy industry process...

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Wastewater Treatment

Catalytic Hydro-Oxidation Technology

High COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) waters are difficult to treat. Biological systems fail due to this COD toxicity...

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Reaction Engineering

Enhancing and optimising chemistries

Reaction engineering depends on an efficient reactor design. Supporting with design, manufacture, supplying...

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Colour Removal

Highly absorbent Activated Carbon

The API, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries use Activated Carbon for colour, odour, and VOC removal. Acid-washed and steam ...

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Precious Metal Catalyst Recovery

Save huge catalyst losses using closed systems.

Pharmaceuticals, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), and chemicals use heterogeneous...

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Heavy Metal Removal

Low ppm level impurities removal from the reaction mass

RESORB removes low ppm level impurities using Functionalised materials to improve product quality...

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Activated Carbon Filtration

Replace your messy sparkler filters

Production and processing of pharmaceutical compounds, specialty fine chemicals or active...

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Catalyst cleaning

Process Intensification in manufacturing

The cavitation process homogenises and mixes the suspended particles in colloidal liquids. Our...

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General Filtration in your plant

We ensure the quality of Utility Water, Steam, Air and Gas in your plant for trouble-free operations. Our filters help remove particles and...

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Liquid Gas Mixing

nANO-Bubbles improve process efficiency 600 times

NANOPOREX spargers infuse finely scattered gas nano-bubbles in the reaction mass. Nano-Bubbles improve mixing and expand...

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