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Chemicals and Fine Chemicals

Fine chemicals are chemical compounds that have been synthesised in a complex way and are guaranteed to be pure. Fine chemicals are used to make speciality compounds with specific properties required for their intended purpose. Blends of two or more fine chemicals that generate a particular purpose combination are speciality chemicals. Catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, livestock feed additives, photographs, paints, inks, coatings, water and waste treatment chemicals, and many other goods and processes rely on speciality chemicals.

Unique Challenges faced by the chemical industry

In the last few decades, tremendous efforts have been devoted to developing and designing new chemical processes. These processes must be more selective and energy-efficient to reduce production costs and reduce their impact on the environment. Research towards this goal is still gaining momentum, and there are still many challenges ahead of the scientific community.

Process QC is crucial to every delicate chemical manufacturing process. Fine chemicals have stringent customer requirements, many of which are based on end-use industry or regulatory standards, such as good manufacturing practices for speciality and fine chemicals and regulatory compliance for active pesticide ingredients.

Activated Carbon

Replace your messy sparkler filters

Production and processing of pharmaceutical compounds, specialty fine chemicals or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) frequently use activated carbon to remove....

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Precious Metal Catalyst Recovery

Save huge catalyst losses using closed systems.

Pharmaceuticals, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), and chemicals use heterogeneous...

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Raney Nickel Catalyst

Are your filters choking instantaneously?

Raney Nickel Catalyst filtration in hydrogenation is one the trickiest filtration in the chemical process Industry. Alkaline pH makes the catalyst very sticky and slimy and chokes filters instantaneously...

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General Filtration in your plant

Each pharmaceutical production process employs a variety of support systems, each of which performs a particular role and is created and delivered....

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Desalting and Concentration

Recovery/isolation of high-value molecules

Our range of Poresep membranes RO/NF/UF  find extensive use in the pharmaceutical, API,  biotech, food, beverage, and dairy industry processes. These are used....

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Inert gas blanketing in tanks

nANO-Bubbles improve process efficiency 600 times

Blanketing is a critical inerting application to combat the oxidation challenge. The air in the
empty or headspace around a product can contain moisture...

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Liquid Gas Mixing

nANO-Bubbles improve process efficiency 600 times

Mixing technologies applicable to chemical industries process large volumes of liquidgas or multiphase systems. Specific operations include...

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Wastewater Treatment

Catalytic Hydro-Oxidation Technology

High COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) waters are difficult to treat. Biological systems fail due to this COD toxicity...

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Nano Milling / Emulsion

Process Intensification in manufacturing

The cavitation process homogenises and mixes the suspended particles in colloidal liquids. Our NANOCAV has varied applications and can be used effectively to de-aerate....

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Reaction Engineering

Enhancing and optimising chemistries

Reaction engineering depends on an efficient reactor design. Supporting with design, manufacture, supplying...

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