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Process separation by membranes

PROMEM - Process separation by membranes

Recovery/isolation of  high-value molecules

Our range of Poresep membranes RO/NF/UF  find extensive use in the pharmaceutical, API,  biotech, food, beverage, and dairy industry processes. These are used for product recovery, product purification, fractionation & concentration and wastewater treatment. Hybrid technologies employed to improve separation

Process Operation:

Our Engineers help end-users identify the most suitable membrane for specific problems. The fit-to-purpose engineered membrane solutions are built as per customer needs and application requirements.

We have extensive client meetings for process understanding and to collect application data. The project’s initiation could start with conducting comprehensive lab and pilot plant work to size, design, and cost an industrial scale-up plant.

Process membrane systems use membrane elements of different materials of construction ( a wide variety to choose from) configured in typical cross-flow mode. That membrane technology relies on the differences in physical sizes, molecular size or the ionic charges of the membranes and target molecules.  The membrane pore is a barrier for insoluble or soluble molecules  (i.e., protein complexes, triglycerides, fats, oils, bacteria, colloidal matter, fibres, etc.) irrespective of the incoming concentrations.

Diva Envitec engineers offer an experience of more than 35 years to your membrane-based applications. Listed below are the applications we have worked upon and can support with relevant data.

Technical Specification

Membrane types available suitable for a wide range of applications and process conditions.

RO MEMBRANES:  TFC membranes, Cellulose Acetate
NF MEMBRANES :  NF Membranes- Available in different cut-offs
Modified Polyacrylonitrile, PVDF, Ceramic, PES – MW- 100 Dalton,  200 Dalton, 300 Dalton, 400 Dalton

Special Solvent resistant Modified membranes are also now available in the range.
UF/MF  MEMBRANES: Polyamide, PVDF, PTFE ,  PES,  Cellulose,  Low Protein Binding Polysulfone, Ceramic, Stainless Steel 

MW Cut-Off or Micron : 1,000 MW, 5,000 MW,  10,000 MW,  20,000 MW, 25,000 MW, 30,000 MW, 50,000 MW,  100,000 MW,  120,000 MW, 0.05 Microns,  0.1 Microns, 0.2 Microns,  0.45 Microns, 0.65 Microns, 0.8 microns, 1.2 microns.

  • API/ Chemical nano-filtration for de-salting applications
  • De-ashing of products using membrane technology with hybrid processes  like Ion Exchange
  • Caustic / Brine recovery system from Industry effluents
  • API product recovery or molecule recovery from the process or  from waste streams
  • Sugar syrup clarification (i.e. Dextrose solutions, starch hydrolysates)
  • Precious metal homogeneous Catalyst recovery from solvents
  • Dye effluent treatment (removing colour/dye from water)
  • Dye Recovery in dyeing houses
  • Polypeptides, protein/Amino Acid recovery and concentration
  • Enzyme concentration, diafiltration
  • Degreasing of rinsers and baths (i.e. steel industry, automotive industry)
  • Acid / Pickling / Electroplating (i.e. recovering precious metals and removing precipitated heavy metals)
  • Fermenter broth treatment (separating biomass from the dissolved product; i.e. Vitamins, Lysin)
  • Guar Gum treatment (extraction of dietary fibre from guar gum solution)
  • Wine + Fruit Juice clarification
  • Treatment of emulsions and suspensions
  • Purifying and concentration of  vitamins
  • Nano-filtration of Peptides and polypeptides
  • Wastewater Treatment – tertiary treatment UF, NF or RO