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Mass Transfer Operations

Gas sparging in process fluids

nANO-Bubbles improve process efficiency 600 times

NANOPOREX spargers infuse finely scattered gas nano-bubbles in the reaction mass. Nano-Bubbles improve mixing and expand the surface area available for gas-liquid mass ...

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Reduce your energy consumption

Aeration is the most energy-intensive process and contributes 60% of the cost in the  wastewater treatment processes based on bio-treatment...

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Mixing - De-aeration - nano-Milling

Process Intensification in manufacturing

The cavitation process homogenises and mixes the suspended particles in colloidal liquids. Our NANOCAV has varied applications and can be used effectively to de-aerate viscous fluids and make stable...

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Innovative Scrubber - SORBCAV

An alternate to Column Packed Bed Scrubbers

Pollution control authorities regulate the industry sector to maintain air pollution norms. Industry uses Column packed bed scrubbers to remove...

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Heavy Metal Scavengers

Low ppm level impurities removal from reaction mass

RESORB removes low ppm level impurities using Functionalised materials to improve product quality. Process and waste streams contain low concentrations (ppm) of metals, ...

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Colour / Organics / VOC removal

Highly absorbent Activated Carbon

The API, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries use Activated Carbon for colour, odour, and VOC removal. Acid-washed and steam-treated low ash CARBOSORB has a very high....

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Reaction Engineering

Enhancing and optimising chemistries

Reaction engineering depends on an efficient reactor design. Supporting with design, manufacture, supplying bespoke reactor solutions to the chemical processes. Wide range to choose from CSTR,....

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