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Innovative Scrubber – SORBCAV

Innovative Scrubber –  SORBCAV

An alternate to Column Packed Bed Scrubbers

Pollution control authorities regulate the industry sector to maintain air pollution norms. Industry uses Column packed bed scrubbers to remove VOC from stack gases. However, the columns require packings and have issues with channelling and gas bypass. SORBCAV uses intensive air-liquid contact to absorb gases in liquids. Very efficient mass transfer with low energy and footprint.


SORBCAV  system is a unique process intensification device which uses intensive gas/liquid contact. Mechanisms like venturi affect cavitation, convection, and vacuum generation in the vortex. The liquid gas partial pressures at the interphase contribute to an efficient evaporation mechanism. The system uses minimal energy,  and evaporation takes from a liquid into gas.

The system’s capacity can be increased phase-wise due to its modular construction.

SORBCAV tower comprises of cavitation plates – and the liquid flows down along the incline as the fluid passes downwards; the gas coming out of the cavitation holes creates a swirl with the air. Air comes through the gaps due to the suction blower, which creates a negative head. The gas and liquid mix in this cyclonic effect, and the liquid becomes saturated with gas absorbed from another component.

Fresh air/gas passes through the cavitation holes, which helps the liquid get into the gas as a vapour phase.

Features and Benefits of VAPOCAV
  • Consumes less energy
  • Waste heat utilisation from plant
  • No choking as less contact
  • Modular design
  • Rugged design with low footprint
  • Maintenance free
  • Low OPEX
Applications and Uses:
  • NH3 Removal from Wastewater
  • HCL absorption from Reaction
  • Chlorine gas neutralisation
  • VOC removal by absorption
  • H2S removal from Biogas