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Efficient aeration in MBBR

Reduce your energy consumption

Aeration is the most energy-intensive process and contributes 60% of the cost in the  wastewater treatment processes based on bio-treatment

Today the industry uses Fine Bubble Diffuser technology  which comes with disadvantages of maintenance and high energy consumption, 

SUPERCAV uses the wastewater as the motive force for aeration. It utilizes the hydrodynamic effect of the motive forces. This brings down the energy consumption by a magnitude of almost 50% . And as there are no moving parts the sytem is absolutley  maintenance free, this avoids the downtime of the wastewater operations.

The aeration capacity and DO levels are acheived with lower energy reducing the OpEx, and the simple design also makes the  CapEx very low. 



The water is pumped into the SUPERCAV and the eduction helps the air and wastewater to mix intensly. This helps in uptake of Oxygen from air due to the cavitation followed by supercavitation 

The design factors in changes in the viscosity, volatiles, density of the wastewater mixture. The computation fluid dynamic analysis is done for the stream and the right SUPERCAV module is designed. 



  • 3 to 4 times more O2 than fine bubble diffusers
  • Saves 50%-60% of energy for aeration 
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Retrofits in existing MBBR
  • Noise free operation
  • Long Service Life – 20 years and more
  • During 6 monthly maintenance, no tank emptying is required
  • Reduces odors, aerosols & fumes due to cavitation 


  • Replace tube diffusers
  • Replace disc diffusers
  • Existing MBBR tanks 
  • Gas absorption