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Chemical-free cleaning methods, such as brushing, scraping, ultrasonic cleaning, and high-pressure water jets or steam can prevent scale formation and fouling in heat exchangers, process tubes, and evaporators. Ultrasonic technology, such as the RUSONICS-LOSCALE system, offers a unique and innovative solution to the challenges of scale formation and fouling in process equipment. 

This technology allows for continuous, online cleaning of heat exchangers, process tubes, and evaporators without the need for offline maintenance or the use of harsh foul chemicals. This results in significant benefits for both energy recovery, decreased CO2 emissions, reduced maintenance costs and extended equipment life.

Features and Advantages
  • Increase Process Run-time
  • Increase Profitability
  • Enhanced Energy Recovery
  • Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Effective Heat Transfer
  • Improved Product Through put
  • Reduced Pumping costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Health, Safety, and the Environment
  • Reliable
  • Low CO2 Emissions
  • Descaling of Heat Exchangers
  • Avoid fouling of Evaporators
  • Clean Pumps and Valves
  • Tubes and Pipelines
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fertilisers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp and paper (Black liquor)
  • Refineries
  • Food & Beverage