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DIVA Envitec at IFAT 2022: Taking small steps to make big impact

“It is our collective and individual responsibility … to preserve and tend to the world in
which we all live.” —Dalai Lama


Our world is no longer what it once was. Climate change is leaving behind devastating impacts such as disappearing glaciers, melting ice caps, spread of fires, unseasonal rainfall, more intense storms, and extreme heat waves.

There is no way out but to embrace sustainability as a way of life. Governments, organisations, and businesses have realised that sustainability needs a place at the
table, and it’s high time that we all shifted from incremental improvements to forthright approaches that make a net positive impact on the world.

The change is here to stay.

According to an article on Harvard Business Review, “Virtually all of the world’s largest companies now issue a sustainability report and set goals; more than 2,000 companies have set a science-based carbon target; and about one-third of Europe’s largest public companies have pledged to reach net zero by 2050.”

Across the world, companies big and small are working to do business without negatively impacting the environment, community, or society as a whole.

Mumbai, India-based engineering company Diva Envitec believes what Thomas Fuller famously said: “We will never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”

Across the world, industry is focusing on water extraction and utilisation, waste engineering, and the recovery and recycling of secondary raw materials.

Diva Envitec offers a wide range of process improvement technologies for industry, and our philosophy is rooted in a steady transition to renewable energy and materials. We help our customers save millions of dollars through green, energy-efficient processes and product recovery from waste streams.

We know that small steps can turn into bigger steps and can inspire others to make small changes that lead to big impact.

This is why Diva Envitec recently participated in IFAT, a leading environmental technology trade fair that helps network with key industry players, innovators, and
business partners from around the world.

IFAT India focuses on raging environmental concerns such as sewage systems, wastewater treatment, sustainable ways of water supply, holistic solid waste management and recycling, and more.

IFAT has created an interdisciplinary network with a global reach, and saw representation from the Netherlands, Turkey, China, Norway, and Germany. The
conferences at the 2022 conference were meaningful, though more industry-specific seminars and lectures could have been planned.

The idea of IFAT and participating companies is one: to create holistic solutions for the many pressing environmental issues and TOGETHER work towards making India cleaner, greener, and more sustainable.

Diva showcased its top technologies at the three-day exhibition:

  • CHD-Ox – Catalytic Hydro-Oxidation Technology for COD <60,000 mg/
  • PHT-Ox – Pressure Hydro-Thermal Wet air Oxidation Technology for COD > 60,000 mg/lt
  • SUPERCAV – Innovative system to reduce power cost in ETP – low maintenance aeration system
  • RUSONICS – Defoaming and process improvement
  • NANOPOREX – Nano Bubble generation with cavitation
  • RUSONICS – Descaling in evaporators
  • MVR technology – Zero liquid discharge
  • PROMEM /PORESEP- Nanofiltration and ceramic membranes for colour removal in the dye industry and COD removal

In a world where everything comes round, MVR as a technology is picking up once again. Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) technology, used by Dupont in their plants when Atlas Copco supplied the first MVR in 1970s, is known to be an energy-saving evaporative concentration technology, which reduces evaporation energy use by 90% or more.

The technology uses energy recovered from the condensate to create a pure liquid distillate and a concentrated product/waste.

With steam costs rising, many companies are relooking at MVR technology. IFAT saw the presence of many suppliers, but numerous prospective customers visited the Diva Envitec booth and complained about this technology.

The key to the success of this technology is equalising feed parameters, which can be a challenge in multi-product API plants. This means the performance of the MVR suffers. The boiling point elevation and the process fluid properties can also make running the MVR a nightmare due to foaming issues.

Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd takes a holistic approach and has hybrid technologies to pre-treat the feed before sending it to the MVR. We have tie-ups with China and Turkey to supply MVR from the 1000 kg/hour evaporation to more than 10,000 kg/hour. In smaller capacities, we supply lobe-type compressors; in larger ones, we offer the centrifugal type.

The innovations at Diva Envitec are game-changers, but India is a country that is typically used to playing the game as it always has. We are working hard to convince customers of new-age options, and might have to take the BOOT model to prove our concepts.

Alongside, Lalit Vashista, CEO-Founder of Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd, won the Marine Installation, which will be installed at our site.

IFAT has helped us find new collaborators and seal new partnerships. In three days, we signed MOUs and NDAs with 15 companies. Work has started on developing bespoke processes at our R&amp;D unit in Vasai near Mumbai.

Team Diva Envitec is all charged up, and working overtime to meet the challenges and complex problems thrown at us at IFAT 2022. We aim to have many more innovations to showcase in the next exhibition.

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