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Case Study : Microniser – Gas Sparging

Nano-Bubble spargers improve process efficiency.

Increased mass transfer and intense mixing 

Reduced reaction times, low consumption of reaction gases and lesser load on the scrubbing system. Environmentally friendly solutions

Diva Envitec helps save thousands of dollars for the customer at a meagre cost.

Chemical and Fine chemicals manufacturing had to do chlorination in one of the reactions. Due to huge product demand, the company planned to install three new Glass Reactors of 5KL capacity each. The expansion was going to cost USD 450,000.

They use PTFE drilled pipes with 3 mm holes to carry out Chlorination with a reaction time of 36 hours. Continuous chlorine bubbling was done in the reactor. Five times higher volume of Chlorine was required, and a lot of chlorine got wasted and had to be scrubbed in the off-gas scrubber.
The cost of production was high and the chlorine being scrubbed also required a lot of neutralising caustic solution. This was an additional environmental burden to the company.

The sparging times are also high, blocking the reactor space and reducing productivity. The result is loss of gases, loss of power and in case it’s a toxic or hazardous gas, the difficult task of managing it after venting by using scrubbers and other pollution control devices—poor sparging results in hidden costs in gas losses and high energy loss in a chemical processing plant. Effectively, if a fine bubble is propagated, which can create a very high “mass transfer” surface area, it is an ideal situation.

Reduced Reaction Time

The stoichiometric volume of Chlorine was calculated, and Diva Envitec designed a micro-sparging NANOPOREX system with nano-bubble generation. Nano-bubbles increased the mass transfer of the gas-liquid interphase and enhanced the reaction rate. Controlled chlorine nano-bubbles reduced the consumption.

With this reduced reaction time, the customer made three batches in one day—this increased capacity using the same infrastructure and saved USD 450,000 in investment in new reactors.
The cost of production is also reduced, increasing profitability.

Clever engineering by Diva Envitec saved thousands of dollars for the customer at a meagre cost.