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Technical Director's Desk

We are an advanced specialty filtration and separation  technology company. We specialise in provision of filtration and treatment solutions for waste water and commercial applications where the water quality is poor or needs to be recycled. 

For example, our proprietary CHD Ox technology  blends cavitation, oxidation and low temperature as well as wet air oxidation. 

Hybrid technologies provide fastest kinetics and lowest cost in the industry which we tailor to specific application requirements for optimal cost and performance. We are presently focusing on the API , Sugar and Distillery segment of the industry. The technology is industry agnostic, so we are open to discuss MBBR problems from industries too. 

We have also developed Microbiological media for bioaugmentation with targeted microbiology and we are able to enhance MBBR performance drastically. 

Being a green engineering company we work towards a smaller CO2 footprint, improving  energy efficiencies and designing processes towards sustainable manufacturing. 

Dilip Jain

Technical Director