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Raney Nickel Catalyst Filtration

Are your filters choking instantaneously?

 Raney Nickel Catalyst filtration in hydrogenation is one the trickiest filtration in the chemical process Industry.  Alkaline pH makes the catalyst very sticky and slimy and chokes filters instantaneously. CONTIFILT-R is designed specifically for this application. happens with ease using our proprietary vacuum fused open channel media.

 35 years of experience in system engineering has helped us design CONTUFILT -R – Raney Nickel Catalyst filters with vacuum fused open channel proprietary media. The USP of these filters is a highly porous structure, which is characteristic of an open channel fused media. This gives an edge over other filters in terms of high permeability and hence low-pressure drops.

Process Operation:

The system comprises filter candles made up of our Vacuum fused open channel proprietary media, suitable for Raney Nickel Catalyst. 

Candles are placed on a tube bundle in a housing.  The system performs specific filtration functions, in-situ reverse flow, washing and gas-assisted discharge of collected Raney Nickel catalyst particles. The cake is collected in semi-solid form or is sent as a slurry. The candles are clean and ready to use for the next operation.

The new ZERO HOLDUP bottom design ensures that complete liquid is removed from the vessel, very important for API manufacturing where GMP does not allow mixing of batches, nor any liquid holdup is permitted. Full recovery of liquids is achieved, and the Raney Nickel Catalyst are purged out of the system without opening the system or slurried and sent back to the reactor.

Technical Specification

The filter housing is made of SS 316 with Nozzles for inlet, outlet, drain, backwash fluid, vent, and pressure taps with suitable connection sizes and types for proper operation as per the flow parameters specified.

The housing is designed and fabricated, generally in accordance with the ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1. as a result we get very safe operating systems.

Testing if required: Special requirements for non-destructive testing like radiography, liquid penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, leak testing, etc. should be specified as required and are charged extra.

Features and Advantages
  •  Effective Cake release
  • Proprietary Vacuum  Fused open channel Filters: SS316L or other Special Nickel Alloys – RNC-Grade Elements
  • Structured Media matrix ensures no choking problems
  • Closed operation , no contact with air, increasing life of catalyst
  • Safe Operation
  • No leakage or spillage
  • No Filter-Aids required
  • Heel filtration if required gives Zero hold-up design
  • High recovery of catalyst per batch – ROI and Yield justify investment
  • Hydrogenation reactions
  • Functional groups-
  • Carbon – Carbon double bond
  • Azide
  • Nitrile
  • Nitriles to amines with higher cycles
  • Ammonolysis of alcohol (1, 6 Hexanediol to hexamethylele Diamine)
  • Aldehyde to alcohol
  • Saturation of olefinic double bond
  • Nitro to amino
  • Oxime to amine
  • Carbonyl(aldehydic and ketonic) to alcohol
  • Debenzylation ring hydrogenation
  • Aromatic
  • Dehydrogenation
  • Dextrose to Sorbitol
  • Rubber additives
  • Dyes & drugs intermediates
  • Pesticide intermediates
  • Caprolactum
  • Sorbitol