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PHT- Ox – Pressure HydroThermal Oxidation

PHT- Ox – Pressure HydroThermal Oxidation

(Wet Air Oxidation)
Removal of Recalcitrant & Toxic
COD > 60,000 ppm


PHT-Ox reactor treats the high COD wastewater using proprietary catalysts and Oxygen. It consists of Plug Flow Reactor on a prefabricated skid. The Spent Caustic from Ethylene Crackers and,
Refinery waste streams are where this technology will be used. Hydrolysis- Oxidation process is intensified for Hydroxyl generation and breaking toxic long-chain molecules.

High COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) waters are difficult to treat. Biological systems fail due to this COD toxicity. The antibiotics, pesticides, insecticides and micro-pollutants pose a considerable risk to MBBR. CHD-OX Treatment helps increase the biodegradability of wastewater before it enters the MBBR.

  • Zero chemical sludge generated during the Oxidation process
  • Low chemical cost of operation as compared to conventional processes
  • Different pressure options are available depending on water quality.
  • Low residence time required.
  • Potentials for Salt recovery.
  • Low CAPEX and reduced OPEX.
Three Variants Available
  • Low Pressure PHT-Ox →5-6 Bar
    Temperature → 80 °C
    CS/ SS316L material
  • Medium Pressure PHT-Ox →10-12 Bar
    Temperature → 190 °C
    SS316L material
  • High Pressure PHT-Ox →20-22 Bar
    Temperature → 220 °C
    Inconel 625 material
Technical Specification

Alloy Reactors or SS / Coated MS
Nanopores Micronisers
Air Compressor
Oxygen generator
Catalyst Dosing Pumps
Oxidant Dosing Pump

  • Ethylene Oxide waste
  • Refinery Spent Caustic wastes
  • Recalcitrant COD
  • Toxic COD
  • Pesticide
  • API waste water
  • Dye Effluents
  • Textile Effluent
  • Distillery