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Oxygen is Life

OXYLIFE medical oxygen generator system supplies pure oxygen for hospitals and clinics continuously.

The system uses air as raw material along with zeolite molecular sieves. The adsorbent separates oxygen from air by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology


The purity of Oxygen Generators is 93%±3% and these are used in critical care units in Hospitals. Home Oxygen Concentrators give 40-50% Oxygen for Emergency use.
In addition to the existing oxygen generator series, we also customize the oxygen generator system according to the installation conditions of the customer site


Capacity: 5Nm³/hr to 100 Nm³/hr Operating temperature: 5℃-45℃
Oxygen outlet pressure: 0.3Mpa(adjustable) Air feeding pressure: 0.7 -0.8Mpa
Oxygen dew point: ≤60℃
Two molecular sieve beds, ensure uninterrupted operation Modular design for easy installation


Easy to Install and Maintain All parts of the oxygen generator will be commissioned before leaving the factory and sent to the installation site together, making installation very easy. If necessary, we will arrange professional installation personnel to install and guide on site.

Higher separation efficiency OXYLIFE oxygen generators have higher separation efficiency than other PSA oxygen generators of the same type, requiring only a relatively small amount of air to obtain more oxygen.

Automatic and stable operation 24/7 – 365 days fully automatic operation. Reliable, tested, and controlled components ensure smooth performance. Control and checking via monitoring control system automatically, real-time display and monitoring pressure, purity, flow rate, operating condition of each unit and with alarm function.