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Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated Carbon Filtration

Replace your messy sparkler  filters

Production and processing of pharmaceutical compounds, specialty fine chemicals or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) frequently use activated carbon to remove colours, odours, unwanted organics etc., for purification. CONTUFILT-AC is a proven technology to improve activated carbon filtration’s tedious and messy operation.

Contufilt–AC Candle filtration system is used for polishing and removing activated carbon from reaction mixtures. CONTUFILT – AC operates out to in mode, and activated carbon is collected on the candles as a cake. The systems are back washable and easy to use and maintain.


Filtration made easy.

The system comprises filter candles made up of our Vacuum fused Metallic open channel proprietary media, suitable for Activated carbon filtration.

Candles are placed on a tube bundle in a housing.  We perform specific filtration functions, in-situ reverse flow, washing and gas-assisted discharge of collected carbon particles. The cake is collected in semi-solid form or is sent as a slurry. The candles are clean and ready to use for the next operation.

The new ZERO HOLDUP bottom design ensures that complete liquid is removed from the vessel, very important for API manufacturing where GMP does not allow mixing of batches, nor any liquid holdup is permitted. Full recovery of liquids is achieved, and the Carbon particles are purged out of the system without opening the system.

Technical Specifications

 System design considerations :

  • Process conditions, pressure, temperature, density and viscosity of the fluid streams.
  • Even Flow distribution with optimum element spacing for cake loads.
  • Easy access for change-out
  • Different alloy steels are available for corrosive applications
  • Designed and fabricated, generally in accordance with the cGMP standards and ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1. – U-Stamp available
Features and Benefits
  • Closed system: Helps reduce operator exposure to hazardous materials
  • Accessibility: Easy access to elements from the top
  • Compact Design: The element bundle is removable as an assembly
  • Coded Vessels: Filter areas up to 200 m2, withstands differential pressure as high as 30 Kg/cm2
Applications and Uses
  • Activated carbon particle filtration replacing sparklers
  • Solids removal and polishing liquids filter applications
  • Ion exchange resin