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Filtration and Separation

Process separation by membranes

Recovery/isolation of high-value molecules

Our range of Poresep membranes RO/NF/UF find extensive use in the pharmaceutical, API, biotech, food, beverage, and dairy industry processes. These are used for product recovery, product purification....

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Precious Metal Catalyst Filtration

Save huge catalyst losses using closed systems

Pharmaceuticals, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), and chemicals use heterogeneous precious metal catalysts. Conventional filters with manual handling have catalyst losses...

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Raney Nickel Catalyst Filtration

Are your filters choking instantaneously?

Raney Nickel Catalyst filtration in hydrogenation is one the trickiest filtration in the chemical process Industry. Alkaline pH makes the catalyst very sticky and slimy and chokes filters...

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Activated Carbon Filtration

Replace your messy sparkler filters

Production and processing of pharmaceutical compounds, specialty fine chemicals or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) frequently use activated carbon to remove....

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Hot Gas Filtration

Separating solids in hot corrosive environments

Gas reactions are carried out in the presence of precious metal catalysts. Processes generate particles and the gases which are vented carry solids with them. These solids have to be recovered. CONTUFILT-MH metallic filters....

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Continuous Slurry Thickners

Concentrating difficult to filter slimy particles

Very low concentration slurry streams with slimy and sticky solids often have to be concentrated. Filter presses frequently choke, making the operations cumbersome. MSDF moves from conventional filter press to spin....

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Precision Sintered Media

Precise filtration and flame arrestors

Unlike the large, sintered filter family using vacuum fused and sintered process. The precision sintered family of filter elements are manufactured by co-axial pressing. A wide range of different geometries can be obtained....

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Pervaporation Solvent Separation

Dehydrating solvents and separating mixtures

Dehydration of azeotropes is energy-intensive and also uses secondary entrainers. Pervaporation or vapour permeation easily, efficiently and economically dehydrates and breaks these azeotropes based on diffusivity and....

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Cartridges & Filter Bags

General Filtration in your plant

We ensure the quality of Utility Water, Steam, Air and Gas in your plant for trouble-free operations. Our filters help remove particles and bacteria from critical service fluids in every stage in your plant – e.g. intake water, solvents, ...

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