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Case Study : CHD-Ox -Toxic COD

CHD-Ox stabilises the Biological treatment

Advanced Oxidation treatment

Catalytic Hydro-oxidation removes refractory and recalcitrant COD.

A multi-purpose API manufacturing plant in Telangana. They generate 150 KLD of wastewater in their manufacturing plant. The process water & wash water comes to a neutralisation tank and then goes to the Aeration system and, after aeration, are sent to the MBBR.

The COD fluctuations due to the product mix varied between 5000 to 45000 mg/l. The MBBR could not take such shocks and got de-stabilised very often. The water sent to the CETP was high on COD, and the company had to pay a massive penalty.

Advanced oxidation with a difference

Diva Envitec engineers were invited to resolve this issue. We collected samples from the site and carried out water treatability studies in the Innovation centre in Mumbai. The initial COD of the sample was tested and found to be 28000 mg/l with yellow colour. CHD-Ox Catalytic reaction was carried out using our Nanoporex Cavitation micronisers. A sample was sent for BOD 5

Catalyst dosing 50 ppm with Oxidant 50 ppm was treated for 6 hours. End of 6 Hours, the sample collected was clear – the yellow colour had gone, and the COD of the treated sample was 16000 mg/L

BOD 5 of Feed was 14500 mg/l, and the BOD 5 of Treated water was 12,000 mg/l

Smooth Operation after CHD-Ox Treatment

The wastewater after treatment became highly biodegradable – The COD value came down by almost 50% in the CHD-Ox treatment. A CHD-Ox reactor is now installed before the MBBR, the Biological system is running very smoothly, and the COD and BOD after MBBR come to 150 mg/Lt and 20 mg/L, respectively.