At Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd, we study the technology needs and gaps of industries, followed by the design and implementation of targeted technical interventions. Our Customers,  associates,  R&D institutions  act as knowledge partners for various collaborative projects.  The interventions include products,  process technology improvements, testing and quality issues, employing intensification processes for increasing productivity etc.

The Process Intervention model comprises of :

  • Initial Phase   –  Developing a map of the existing process, issues and opportunities and possible changes to improve productivity.
  • Procedure  – Fine tuning processes to meet plans, quality, compliance  and deliverables.
  • Technology – Introducing  technology and innovative ways to selectively  bring about process enhancements, resulting in  high efficiency and output.
  • White papers  – Modelling of examples where these process interventions can be successfully employed.
  • Final Blueprint – Complete process improvement in stages is documented, with emphasis on economics for future implementation