Metallic Filters – Sintered metal filter powder or fibre media , wedge screens or mesh laminates  are being used in industry and are making inroads into many applications as there is increasing concern about environmental issues. The Polymeric conventional filtration systems based on disposable filters are losing grounds, particularly as disposal costs are increasing and its becoming mandatory to keep pollution under control.



  • Catalyst Recovery – Caprolactam, H2O2
  • Catalyst Bed Protection
  • Coal Gasification
  • Ammonia Hot Gas Mixture
  • Flue gas Filtration
  • Hot  Gases – Process Polysilicon manufacturing
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Gas filters for chemical processing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing applications
  • FCC Slurry Oil Filtration
  • PTA/CTA slurry filtration
  • FCC Vent filters
  • Solvent filters for chromatography systems

Feature and Advantages

  • 100% seamless construction– no welding seams on porous body
  • Excellent back pulse performance
  • Long life time
  • High flow rates
  • Extremely high collapse pressure
  • Submicron pore sizes available
  • Broad range of alloys available
  • Customized fittings
  • Standard filter design

Process Operation
Cleanable metallic filters offer varied solutions. New developments by companies worldwide in this area are ensuring that increased quality level through a finer filter rating, and an extended on-stream lifetime is no longer a constraint.
The system consists of a number of equally sized pressure vessels each containing an equal area of Porous sintered powder or multi-layered mesh metal cartridges  arranged in triangular pitch or distance suitable for applications. The vessel performs the specific functions of filtration, in-situ reverse flow, gas assisted discharge of collected dirty pre-coats  and when required, an in-situ soak to re-slurry the pre-coat / solid cakes if required. For gas applications the metallic filters work similar to Bag filters but for more harsh conditions.

Technical Specification
The filter housing is made of SS 316 with  Nozzles for inlet, outlet, drain, backwash fluid, vent, and pressure taps with suitable  connection size and type for proper operation as per the flow parameters specified.
The housing is  designed and  fabricated, generally  in accordance with the ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1.
Testing if required: Special requirements for non-destructive testing like radiography, liquid penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, leak testing, etc. should be specified as required, and is charged extra.
The filter element integrity test can be performed on all filter elements  using a nondestructive “Bubble Point Test”  which correlates to its micron retention.

Grades Available
IS – Iso-Static vacuum sintered Powder filters
SS Fiber sintered mesh
Poromesh – 5 layered Sintered mesh

We get our media from  world leaders in metallic filters  who associate with us to find solutions for exacting industrial problems.
The USP of these filters is a high porous structure, which is characteristic of a sintered metal media. This gives an edge over other filters in terms of high permeability and hence low pressure drops. In comparison to its competitive range of Ceramic filters, the filter wins hands down due to its excellent thermal-mechanical characteristics.