General Filtration covers all utility filters, online filters required in a process plant. The down-times and repair costs are reduced drastically if filtration of all fluid stream is made an important part of the process. Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd supplies the complete range of filters to cover the general filtration requirements of a plant.

Utility Filter general


  • Filters on Solvent lines
  • Steam utility filters
  • Process feed to reactors
  • Compressed Air / Nitrogen
  • Instrumentation air
  • Pre-treatment RO
  • Process water

Feature and Advantages
Plant efficiency is improved by employing the right type of filters in the plant.  The effectiveness and the benefit of these filters is only realised after a filter audit is done to see how much downtime is associated with a poor quality filtration.

  • Available in Stainless Steel,  PP/PTFE Lined, Carbon Steel, specialty alloys like Inconel, Monel, 904L etc.
  • Pressure ratings up to 15-20 Kg/cm2 or more
  • Generally designed in accordance to  ASME
  •  Low-pressure drop
  • Range of temperature from minus up to 200ºC operating
  • Inlet outlet connections – Threaded, flanged
  • Easy to open – Rothman clamps or Davit arm assembly for top dome opening (Hydraulic closing and opening available as an option)
  • Epoxy finish on carbon vessels

Process Operation
The liquid to be filtered enters the housing and the flow is normally from out to in the element. The filtered liquid passes the filter cartridge and the candles are replaced of cleaned depending on the type of media used.

Technical Specification

  • Cartridges – PP, PES, Nylon, PTFE
  • Bag Filters – PP, PES, SS
  • Self Cleaning Filters
  • Coalescing Filters for compressed gases/Instrumentation air
  • Sintered Powder -SS, Hastealloy, Monel, 904L, Duplex etc
  • Sintered Fiber mesh -SS, Hastealloy, Monel, 904L, Duplex etc
  • Sintered mesh plate  -SS, Hastealloy, Monel, 904L, Duplex etc
  • Wedge Wire Screens  -SS, Hastealloy, Monel, 904L, Duplex etc