Industrial processes need filtration at different stages of manufacturing. The incremental losses in different stages due to inefficient filtration processes can cost companies a lot in terms of time lost and money. Product quality and better economics are always the prime drivers.

Continuous Filter


  • Continuous filtration of fine suspensions
  • Concentration of solids
  • Closed and safe filtration process (eg. Pyrophoric catalyst filtration)
  • Surface filtration without filter aids
  • Rotating Disk filters
  • Fully automated filtration processes
  • In-Situ High pressure cleaning for non-stop filtration


Feature and Advantages

  • Resistance to aggressive solvents, oxidants and most chemicals
  • Steam Sterilization (autoclave, oxidant, etc.)
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Modular design with large scalability options
  • Repeatability in fluxes
  • Excellent mechanical resistance (High Solid loading)


Process Operation
Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd, gives complete solutions to the continuous filtration needs. Continuous candle systems, MSDF – Disk filters, Rotary Horizontal filters complete with automation with PLC controls have been successfully supplied to the industry for a wide gamut of applications.

Technical Specification

  • Flow rate : From a few m3 to 100 m3/Hour
  • MOC : Polypropylene, Sintered Steel and special alloys
  • High temperature resistance (0-130 ºC) with varied range of membranes starting from Polymers to Ceramic to SS membranes
  • Broad pH range (0-14)