Liquid -Gas interphase mixing is enhanced by our sintered  spargers with tiny pores producing millions of tiny droplets and air bubbles  increasing the liquid solid contact. Sintered spargers increase the surface area almost 8-10 times than a drilled pipe sparger..

Froth Flotation


  • Ore Processing Barites
  • Sillimanite
  • Iron ore
  • Coal
  • Limestone

Feature and Advantages
Diva Envitec design spargers with vacuum fused sintered metal tubes/plates. Static and Dynamic spargers are configured for effective sparging applications without having any moving parts. The designs could be from a single element to manifolded multiple element system, Easy to install and very effective and  efficient gas/liquid contacting solutions are designed.

  • Optimum Design
  • Consistent pore size decided as per application
  • Good mechanical strength
  • No seams on porous body
  • Customized flow rates and design
  • Long lifetime
  • High flow rates

Process Operation
DIVA  sintered Spargers are used  in processing of minerals like, iron ore, limestone, barites, graphite and coal,  by flotation a physico-chemical beneficiation process for enriching minerals.

In flotation technology  generation of uniform fine bubbles is heart of the process. Bubbles play a crucial role in effecting separation of valuables from waste material in flotation process. Column flotation technology developed bya premier National laboratory under Min. of Science and Technology (Govt. of India), in collaboration with Diva Envitec   incorporates an array of sintered porous tubes for  air sparging  to retrofit in the flotation column.

Diva has  installed commercial flotation columns for beneficiation of Sillimanite (beach sand mineral) and Barites (industrial mineral) where the sintered spargers generate fine bubbles which help in producing high quality mineral concentrates.

Research and Development activity is on and in the near future commercial flotation columns will be installed in graphite and coal beneficiation. It was found over years of experience that DIVA sintered spargers produce uniform fine bubbles of consistent size which enhance the separation and beneficiation process.

Technical Specifications
Sintered metallurgy which is vacuum fused bringing in ductility and strength for these applications. A wide range of metallurgy  spargers are constructed entirely of metal, to provide long-lasting operation even in  temperature range  as high as 450 Deg C under oxidizing conditions and 550 Deg C in reducing conditions. Wide range of materials including 316L , 304, stainless steel (standard), Nickel, Titanium,  Monel® 400, Inconel® 600, Hastelloy® C-22/C-276/X, 321  904L etc.