Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd supplies solutions for Filtration and bulk drying operations. We design and supply different types of dryers based on the materials and processing requirements. These dryers are of bespoke designs, combining latest innovations in process and technology. The dryers can be designed in virtually any configuration; parallel flow or counter-current flow, direct or indirectly fired and utilizing a variety of fuel sources including natural gas, oil, steam, waste heat etc. “Turbo Spin Flash Calcination Systems” Rotary Kilns, Rotary Dryers and Rotary Coolers are some of the systems in our range.


  • Minerals & Ores
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drugs
  • Sludges & Effluents
  • Herbs
  • Alkalies & Chemicals
  • Agrochemicals & Fertilizers
  • Dyes, Dye Intermediates & Pigments
  • Speciality Chemicals

Feature and Advantages

  • Direct contact dryers for bulk drying of various products such as inorganic chemicals, bulk drugs, dyestuffs, insecticides , foodstuffs etc.
  • Engineered solutions to replace conventional drying systems such as Fluid Bed Dryers, Pneumatic Flash Dryers, Spray Dryers etc.
  • High energy efficiency systems eighty percent or even more.
  • Single system doing multiple operations : Mesh Sizing, conveying, classifying etc.
  • Effective Space utilization.
  • Fully automatic controls – PLC based
  • Self regulating, self adjusting system Works in negative pressure, no dusting or wastage.
  • No environmental hazards.
  • Clean operation with minimal manual handling

Process Operation
Drying system  consists of a hot gas generator system. Lump breaker cum Screw Conveyor for feeding. The  Main Dryer
 comprises of a shell at the bottom of which is mounted a shaft with a high speed disperser which also has mounted on it a high speed agitator cum scraper. At the top of this section is a nozzle into which the screw conveyor feeds material. A tangential nozzle is provided at the bottom to allow inlet of hot air. The drive is through a single motor through V -belts and Pulleys. This is basically cylindrical in nature and has within it the classifier which enables the final dried particles size to be maintained within the desired range. The outlet of the solid and air is provided in this section after drying and classification has taken place. The dry powder is collected by 
bag filters. These Filters are fully automatic and self-cleaning with no internal moving parts. Control_Panel 
A Control Panel mounted with necessary starters, switches, push buttons etc., and pre-wired for all motors comprising the system will be in our scope of supply. However, all cabling and wiring to the panel and from panel to respective motors will be in client’s scope. Instrumentation necessary for the safe and simple operation of the plant is supplied. This will include a temperature controller and temperature sensors etc..

Technical Specifications
Low to High capacities from a few Kg/Hour to many tonnes per hour
Compact Design: Efficient space utilization.
Uniform drying Calciners / dryers upto 800 Deg C
Exotic metallurgy possible