Paints, Pigments and Dyes

Some very tough challenges are there  in the  processing of textiles, dyes and pigments industry. The purity and quality of the dyes and pigments is of utmost importance to the paints, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Industry is always seeking innovative solutions. With the costs of production going high and environmental alerts by the government its pertinent to find lost cost solutions. Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd works in the following areas:

  • Caustic recovery and reuse
  • Hemicellulose recovery
  • De-ashing of Pigments / Pigment wash
  • Pigment emulsification and nano-milling
  • Solvent filtration and recycle in paint manufacturing
  • CTA/PTA processing ( Candle filters)
  • Polymer Melt Filtration
  • PVA recovery and recycle
  • Indigo Dye recovery in Denim
  • Colour removal from Wastewater
  • Membrane Nano-Filtration of hot dye effluents.
  • Evaporation of RO Rejects

De-salting, diafiltration and purification of dyes, pigments and optical brighteners is done using membrane systems. Our new MSDF systems designed by us handle very fine slurries and work as concentrators.  Discuss your specific filtration and separation needs and engineers and Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd will be in a position to  offer  a wide range of products to help you  meet the stringent processing requirements. Environmental and regulatory compliances are a top priority and we offer low cost viable  solutions to the industry.