Sugar Processing and Ethanol

Sugar and  distillery industries complement each other. India mainly has Mollasses based distilleries which are mostly integrated with Sugar Mills. The grain based distilleries are stand alone and both these industries have their unique problems. Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd has been associated with the Sugar Technologist Association of India (STAI) and All India Distillers Association of India (AIDA) for many years and have been finding solutions for these industries. Most essential in this industrial are meeting high purity standards and our filters and solutions can help  achieve this. We have suitable products and solutions in the following areas:

  • Sugar Syrup colour removal
  • Spent Caustic Brine Recovery in Sugar refining
  • Spent wash treatment using Membranes
  • Spent Lees and Condensate recovery
  • Cellulosic Bioethanol fiber hydrolysis
  • Bioethanol enzyme recovery and recycle
  • Hemicellulose recovery
  • Evaporator Condensate water recycle
  • Anaerobic digestion – biodigester
  • Biodigester enhancement using NanO-Cavitation
  • Biogas Desulfurisation & Green Power using Gas Engines
  • DDGS Drying technology

Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd  works very closely with the sugar and distillery industry to develop viable & cost effective technologies, for production of quality sugar and alcohol, with the main focus on bringing newer green technologies to the forefront ,and helping with cross industry expertise to solve problems of this sector