Specdiva Process Technology Pvt Ltd is a Filtration and Separation systems supplying company for the Oil and Gas, Petroleum downstream processing.  The company is a system integrator and assembler of bespoke skid mounted systems for the Oil, gas & Refineries.



  • Produced Water treatment
  • Deoiling
  • Desanding
  • Deaeration

Features and Advantages
With Technology support from our partners from UK . They are the one of the most prolific suppliers of expertise and equipment for Produced Water Treatment packages in the world.  Specdiva  installs and operate cost effective, highly practical equipment for the Oil and Gas Sector.

Process Operations
The main process revolves around  optimising  the existing Produced Water and Water Injection Systems.  Alongwith our technology partners studies are taken up  for an array of reasons from meeting new legislation, debottlenecking of PWT / WI systems and future upgrades.

We provide  with the complete solution from process study, site survey, technology selection and optimisation, implementation strategy and if required supervision of installation and commissioning. This is carried out by experts from our principals.  The site engineers are able to profile the separability of produced water water and trial different separation technologies. We offer a full range of site test equipment such as deoiling and desanding hydrocyclones, compact flotation units and various analysers.

Once the study objectives and parameters are agreed with end user, a process study and site survey/testing is undertaken identifying areas of plant optimisation and potential technology solutions. In collaboration  the most suitable technology is selected and a new upgraded system designed and detailed.

Technical Specifications
A combination of technologies are employed based on the type of industry and contamination.

  • Corrugated ​ Plate  Interceptors – CPI ​
  • Deoiling Hydrocyclone
  • ​Induced ​ Gas Flotation IGF – Gas blanketted​ (Replacing conventional Depurators)
  • Nutshell Filter
  • Adsorption Media – Can reduce O/W ratio less than 5 ppm
  • Solids Removal – Desanders, Automatic backwash filters, Dual sand filters
  • Deaerators