Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd has established its mark in various filtration and separation processes in the Petroleum products and Petrochemicals.
With strategic alliance with  companies from Europe ,  USA and some partners from China and Japan, we are in a position to supply different medias like metallic sintered powders, fiber felts and sintered laminates and complete turnkey solutions.



  • Slurry Oil Filtration in FCC
  • Vent Hopper Hot gas filter
  • Sintered Porous metal filters
  • Catalyst recovery Filter
  • DHDT Bank Filter 
  • HCGO  filter
  • Diesel / Gasoline Filtration
  • Coalescers – Oil/Water Separation 
  • Nitrogen Blanketing of Storage tanks 
  • Strainers/Bucket Filters
  • ….. and more
We have decades of experience to enhance the existing processes with our products and services. Contact our engineers and share your critical filtration and separation problems.