The Indian dairy industry is seeing a steady growth over the past couple of years, thanks to high margin value-added products (VADP) and a good product portfolio. Edelweiss report titled India Dairy-Creme de la creme quotes: “Milking the value chain, the organised Indian dairy industry will grow rapidly at 20% per annum, doubling into a Rs 2.5 lakh crore market by 2020, led by increasing consumption of value-added products.” Most essential in this industrial are meeting high purity standards and our filters and solutions can help  achieve this. We have suitable products and solutions in the following areas:

  • Cold Sterilisation of Milk
  • Concentration of (skim) milk (i.e. for Dahi/yoghurt/cheese production)
  • Concentration of cheese whey (recovery of proteins, lactose, minerals)
  • Deminerilisation of Cheese whey
  • Standardizing of milk (to acheive fixed parameters)
  • Clarification of cheese brine
  • Concentration of butter fat
  • Milk concentrating for certain cheese/Yoghurt/Dahi production
  • White water recovery
  • Water / waste water treatment / Caustic recovery and recycle
  • COD/BOD management

Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd  works very closely with the Dairy Industries  to develop viable & cost effective technologies, for production of quality milk and milk products.