Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd. logo encompasses the message for protection of the 4 elements – air, water, fire and ether, within a warm embrace of the earth. The four elements are seen as a beautiful flower, we need to protect them and not abuse them. The caring hands encircle this springing flower. The circle is not seen complete just like our caring embrace. We can try and strive hard to do so protectively.
Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of renewable resources and to nurture the health of our mother earth. Diva recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the products we create.

We are committed to minimizing the environmental effect of our business. We are committed to the preservation of natural resources as an obligation to society, and will promote recycling and the use of recycled materials with ourselves, our suppliers and our customers.917290_87054790

As part our duty to the environment we:

  • print on recycled paper
  • recycle all office paperwork
  • all toner cartridges are refilled
  • use digital workflows to manage documentation and keep the printing of unnecessary proofs to a minimum.
  • re-use / recycle all incoming packaging and boxes when possible. Any of such items coming into us will be reused / recycled and we ask that customers do likewise.

The national policies related to conservation of natural resources and those related to development from the environmental perspectives as enumerated in the National Environment Policy 2006 are broadly adhered to, in all our activities.

Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd. will always remain conscious of the impact of its operations on the environment and have a commitment to continual improvement, dispose waste in an environment friendly manner for prevention of pollution.

Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd. is also committed to comply with all current applicable environmental and related regulations and where appropriate, exceed the prescribed standards.

Investing in the development of new products and processes that have an improved performance regarding their impact on the environment

The quality management system is to be used by all employees to raise standards, reduce waste and to make Diva Envitec Pvt Ltd. a better place to work.