Caustic cleaning to sanitaise and clean organic loads are regularly done in the Industry. Reactors, evaporators, pipelines and all other equipment used in the production area are cleaned using cleaning solutions which contain 2 to 4% caustic and additional compounds such as antifoams and chelating agents. The cleaning liquids are sent to effluent and the contaminants which mainly comprise of degenerated organics, proteins and fats from the surface of tanks, pipes, heat exchangers and evaporators.

Caustic Brine Recovery Sugar

Features and Advantages

  • Membrane system is very compact
  • Energy saving
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Environmentally friends
  • High flux and high temperature stability at high pH upto 13
  • Membrine process recovers upto 85-90%  Caustic brine back into the system.


Process Operation
Poresep Membrine Caustic resistant membranes are used effectively to clean these contaminated solutions. The cleaning fluids can be recycled back into the plant and the caustic consumption can be reduced. Also the costs of acid neautralisation are reduced when the membrane systems are used to selectively remove caustic from the streams.

Technical Specifications
Can handle upto 100 m3/ Day of waste liquids
Temperature resistant membranes upto 80 Deg C
High pH resistance and stability