Flow Restrictors are required when specified gas / liquid flows are required or low quantities of gas / liquid must be measured.Flow control / Restriction is needed when specified gas or liquid flows are required.

flow restrictor


  • Used in Medical and Chemical Devices
  • Precision calibrated flow rate required
  • Control Panels, Junction boxes, cable glands
  • Flow sensors

Feature and Advantages
Ultra Precision Flow Restrictors can be supplied Sintered directly into standard compression or threaded fittings. This offers an optimum fit between flow restrictor and fitting, providing a maximum flow area. Encapsulated in a metal sleeve, which may be pressed into various fittings or assemblies. As a simple sintered metal plug which can be pressed into various customer supplied fittings or assemblies.

  • Suitable for safety-critical applications
  • Extremely user-friendly technical approach
  • Easy installation due to Precision CNC machined housings
  • Designs adaptable to customer’s requirements

Process Operation
Flow restrictors ideally replace orifices, capillaries or micro metering valves, which can easily become plugged by even one piece of dirt. Due to their pore structure, which contains multiple orifices, the use of Ultra Precision Flow Restrictors greatly minimizes this plugging possibility.

Technical Specification

MOC :  Stainless Steel