auto parts

The range of filters and porous sintered products for the automobile industry handle oil pressure switch used in engines to police filter in the inlet of a CNG-injection. 

Some of the applications are mentioned below for automobile industry.

  • Cold Run Controller
  • Oil Pressure Switch
  • CNG Gas Filter
  • Bubble Breaker
  • Gear Shaft Bearing
  • Diesel Soot Filter (aftermarket)
  • Silencer for Air Suspension
  • Steering Fluid Filter
  • Pressure Outlet
  • Silencer for Comfort Seat
  • Fuel Vaporizer

With years of supply to OEM and vendors worldwide, this range is reputed for years for its quality and consistency.

References from our principals  : FEP – OPEL, Audi, Volkswagen, PSA engines e.g.  Peugeot, Citroen, Ford , etc.