The emerging new technology to  recover aromas from aqueous process or waste water streams / Condensate is the AR-Membrane(ARM) technology. The ARM process treats the liquid steams very gently and the recoveries of aromas and flavours take place under mild processing conditions, low energy consumption, modular adjustable equipment and easy process operation.  ARM Process  modules combine compact equipment,  to give a higher concentrated aroma.


  • Dimethyl disulfide / Methyl  propionate
  • Coffee aroma / Tea Aroma
  • Recovery pinene beta and ethyl pentanoate
  • Apple aroma recovery / Banana aroma recovery
  • Black Pepper / Lemon Grass / Lime Oil
  • Tomato
  • Wine Aroma

Features and Advantages 

  • Gentle and mild processing conditions.
  • Production of high concentrated  aroma.
  • No addition of  chemicals to assist separation.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Modular design membrane skids
  • Operator friendly

Process Operations
AR-Membrane technology is especially of interest for aroma and flavour producing companies and (canned) food processing industry.

The AR membrane separation process is a  selective recovery of  aromas and flavours from waste water streams  through a membrane. The feed  flows on one side of the membrane, and the permeate side of the membrane a vacuum source is applied. This reduced pressure level generates the driving force for transport due to vapour pressure differential. The difference of  solubility in the membrane and diffusion through the membrane accounts for extra selectivity of the process, and determines the yield.

The  feed stream have to be clean and best results are achieved using clear feed streams. Alternate methods like distillation are expensive,  and also affect the quality of the aromas and flavours, ending up in poor quality and low yields.